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Innovation Minute Submission

Welcome to the BrainstormBot™ Innovation Minute Program! We are thrilled to invite you to contribute to our dynamic community of innovators and thinkers by submitting your very own Innovation Minute video. This is your chance to showcase your creativity and wisdom, to inspire others on their innovation journey.


How to Participate

  1. Create Your Video: Prepare a concise and engaging video that highlights your innovative concept, idea, or solution. Your video should be approximately 60 seconds in duration.

  2. Keep it Clear and Engaging: Craft a clear and compelling narrative that captivates our audience. Focus on sharing your wisdom about brainstorming and innovation. Including your personal experience and telling a mini-story is definitely encouraged.

  3. Technical Specifications: Record your video in portrait mode with good lighting and sound quality. We recommend using a minimum resolution of 720p for optimal viewing. We also require captions for people to watch without sound. Finally, it should end with a credit screen with your name, organization, website, your copyright, and needs to include the words “for” 

  4. Introduce Yourself: Begin your video by briefly introducing yourself. Let the audience know who you are, and how you gained this wisdom.

  5. Submission: Once your video is ready, use the submission form below. You will need to upload the video to YouTube to submit. Also, you’re free to share it on LinkedIn, Facebook, X, Instagram, or TikTok or wherever else you like. 


Important Information

  • Original Content: All submitted videos must be original and created by you. Plagiarism or use of copyrighted material is not allowed.

  • Respectful Content: Ensure that your video is respectful, inclusive, and free from offensive or inappropriate content.

  • Rights: By submitting your video, you grant us the right to use, share, and promote it as part of the BrainstormBot™ Coaching Program.

  • Selection Process: Our team will review all submitted videos and select those that align with the program's goals and values. Selected videos will be featured in the BrainstormBot™ community and coaching sessions.

  • Recognition: If your video is chosen, you will be credited for your contribution. This is your chance to gain visibility and recognition for your innovative ideas.


Terms and Conditions

Before submitting your video, please review the complete Terms and Conditions on our website. By participating, you agree to comply with all program rules and guidelines.


We can't wait to see your Innovation Minute video and share it with our vibrant community of innovators. Thank you for being a part of the BrainstormBot™ Coaching Program and contributing to a culture of creativity and innovation!


Submit your video now and let your ideas shine!



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