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10x your Company's Brainstorming Power

With the Power of

ChatGPT-powered AI

"Like brainstorming on steroids..."
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The App

AI-Powered Brainstorming Has Now Arrived

Leverage the power of ChatGPT to amplify your brainstorming powers

The tsunami of digital change that is hitting us now is Generative AI, and it will change everything. Best practices and linear thinking won’t cut it anymore. The best way to survive the coming disruption is not to resist or ignore it, but to surf it to accelerated success. 

The BrainstormBot, powered by ChatGPT, combines Generative AI with Agile innovation to deliver the future of ideation and increase your creativity. It's freaky good, like brainstorming on steroids! You have to give it a try!


It is now time to seize your future.


How it Works

Let's look under the hood of the BrainstormBot system –

AI-assisted Ideation
This is AI for Brainstorming

BrainstormBot enhances and improves brainstorming for both individuals and organizations. It is powered by GPT-4 and other AIs, so you can ask questions and request assistance in natural language, and receive facilitation, guidance, support and inspiration in a conversational format. The bot behaves like an innovation coach and muse for your team, that offers "starter ideas" in an upbeat manner, that will prime the pump of your team's core creativity. BrainstormBot is for organizations that want to take innovation to the next level!


Getting Started Effortlessly
Invoking the Bot

Once the bot is installed, you can invoke it by typing its Slack name - @brainstormbot and asking questions that you would ask an innovation coach. You can use this Quick Start Comic Guide to get started in a jiffy!


What to Expect
This is a Learning Experience

You can simply enter the "/coaching" command to get some quick training on the spot... or better yet, read our bookGenerative Innovation!

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There's More to Come

The DesignSprint Bot


Working in coordination with the BrainstormBot, the DesignSprintBot will facilitate a five-day Agile design sprint within Slack. It uses embedded conversational flow sensors to stimulate online brainstorms during lulls to keep ideational energy flowing. And using ChatGPT it will auto-generate better pitch materials too. You can read all about it in our forthcoming companion book, called Generative Innovation!

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The InnoBot 

Our forthcoming InnoBot will drive innovation assessments, idea contests, and an enterprise dashboard to manage your innovation portfolio. All using a simple conversational user interface within the Slack framework. If you're an enterprise user, contact us about this!

About Us

Our Vision

Our goal is to enable an order-of-magnitude increase in innovation capacities and capabilities

BrainstormBot is based on the belief that AI is a tool that can empower individuals to reach new levels of creativity and effectiveness. Our hope is to amplify those innately human qualities through the collaborative partnership between humans and AI systems. Our goal is to enable a foundational platform for a new kind of innovation ecosystem... one that organically "10x'es" innovation capacity. But it starts with helping individuals and organizations like yours unleash your deep untapped reserves of creative potential. Let's begin today!


How to Get Started


Install the Bot

To install BrainstormBot, all you need to do is:

1. Click on the Add To Slack button at the bottom of any page of this website, and follow the directions.
2. Then Complete the Subscription form with pending payment information to start the free trial.

3. Finally, you need to Add the Bot to a Channel to be able to use the bot.

However, if you have a work or school account, your organization controls which apps are available to you. You may need to contact them about adding this app.

We're Here to Help

Finding support is easy! Simply visit our Support page, where you'll discover a trove of tips and suggestions for using our software. Explore, read our quick start comic guide, or send us a message! We're here to make your experience as seamless and stress-free as possible, so if you run into any issues getting started, don't hesitate to ask for help!

Security and Privacy

Protecting your data matters. Head over to our Privacy Policy page to learn how we safeguard your information. Transparency is our commitment, and here you'll find all the details to ensure your peace of mind. And most importantly, neither BrainstormBot nor the integrated ChatGPT engine will store or use data that is generated by you, in order to train our AI models. However, please note that using new technology like ChatGPT can sometimes produce inaccurate answers. Learn more in our Terms of Service page.
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